• Was Kopf, Hand und Herz bewegt

    Kennst du das? Man entdeckt ein spannendes Buch, probiert was Neues aus, findet ein interessantes Computerspiel… doch zwei Wochen später ist das schon wieder passé. Das passiert mir häufig. Umso wichtiger sind mir die Dinge, die mich auch nach Monaten noch beschäftigen. In diesem Blog will ich dir drei davon vorstellen. Je ein Ding für Kopf, Hand und Herz. Das Gute daran: alle kann man auch zu Hause machen. Also nichts wie los!

  • Deciding, fast and slow

    I have made a decision. It is interesting, not only because of the result, but also because it took six years. Why did it take me that long? Does this teach me something to making better, higher-quality decisions?

  • Remembering the Windfish Tune

    Do you remember the Windfish Tune? This post is for people who do. If you don’t know the tune… it’s nothing special. The tune gets its worth from the memories that we attach to it. The movie Ready Player One is about such memories.

  • Searching for Numbers and Finding God

    I wrote a guest post for, a blog by Bay Area friends interested in the intersection of technology and theology. Find out about fascinating connections hidden in that space!

  • Resolved, to Live. (Thoughts on Rogue One)

    Resolved, after seeing Rogue One, to live more intentionally. To devote more attention to the purpose of what I'm doing. To do more of the things I like.
  • Freshly Roasted Chestnuts from the Biolite Campstove

    Every now and then there's a product that's so amazing, so functional, so well thought out, that I feel the urge to tell the world about it. The Biolite campstove is one of these products.
  • A day in the life of Jonas

    Many people asked me what I'm doing in Berkeley. This post gives a few impressions of my life and work here. With six pictures and an explanation of the Cyber Grand Challenge.
  • Monte Carlo Tetris Playing

    Programming is wonderful! Literally full of wonders. As you write code, it becomes complex, unpredictable, and surprising and you, the author, are never quite sure what it will do. Last weekend, I wrote parts of an AI for a Tetris-like game. It is based on an algorithm called Monte Carlo Tree Search. The approach is deceptively simple, but fascinating…

  • Blackie, or the Last Hamburger

    This is the story of a bull called Blackie, and of how a man's life was changed by a hamburger.
  • California Extreme

    California Extreme sounds like a fitting title for my internship, doesn’t it? Instead, it is the name of an arcade and pinball show. What’s that, you ask? Watch the video!

  • Snow Creek Hike

    Es isch Morge am 7ni. D'Sunne isch ufgange nachere wunderbare Nacht, u het mi usem Schlafsack gchutzelet. I bi im Yosemite National Park, ufemne felsige Hügu ir Nechi vom Canyon Creek. Me ghört dr Bach ruusche, d'Spächte i de Böim, u e huufe angeri Vögu u Insekte.
  • Chilnualna Falls Hike

    Me cha Gottes Güeti ir Natur gseh. D'Sunne isch grad ufgange. I hocke ufemne Granitblock am Ufer vom Crescent Lake u gniesse die erschte Sunnestrahle...
  • Flying over a full world

    Today has been a long day. Quite literally—it has already lasted 30 hours, and it’s only 21:00 Pacific time. I spent a large part of it flying to San Francisco, and this post is about my impressions from that flight.

  • Counting CPU Cycles

    This post is about measuring the time (≈ CPU cycles) needed to execute a small piece of code, using the `RDTSC` instruction. A little experiments gave surprising insight into its precision and overhead.
  • Exporting notes from Evernote and OneNote

    Evernote and OneNote are useful. But, can you get your data out of them if you have to? This post shows how.
  • Web Technologies for Your CV

    I really like web technologies. But... would they be appropriate for writing a CV?
  • A traveller's diary, part four

    It’s a bright, worry-free Friday morning after a dark night. Getting in my frozen hiking trousers and cold wet shoes needs some overcoming, but turns out to be less uncomfortable than expected. I collect my Bearvault from where it landed, and look for a nice breakfast place.

  • A traveller's diary, part three

    As I leave the little stream, the sunrise paints the eastern sky in beautiful orange. The weather service has announced rain for today, but at least for now, nothing like it is to be seen.

  • A traveller's diary, part two

    The journey continues. My goal is the mountains. I have three days left, 120 dollars in my pocket, and a backpack. This is what freedom must feel like.
  • A traveller's diary, part one

    Sipping a Chai Latte in that same Starbucks coffee where everything started, six days ago. Many incredible things happened since then… thinking back, ordering thoughts, trying to write everything down, knowing that whatever I write down now will become my memories, will become my true story.

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