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Jonas Wagner: profile picture

I am Jonas Wagner, a software engineer, traveler, computer science researcher, avid book reader, board game player, boyscout…

For my work, I first look for meaning and purpose: It is essential to me that my work is effective for making the world better. At the moment, I work as a freelance software engineer. Previously, I wrote code to track mosquito nets for the Against Malaria Foundation. My goal was to prove to AMF’s donors and myself that the mosquito nets arrive where they should, are being put to use, and effectively protect people from malaria.

In my research, I built tools that help developers create better software. I researched a technique named elastic instrumentation. It allows developers to strengthen their programs using instrumentation while keeping control over the runtime overhead. It’s important to me that research has a strong connection to the real world. This is why I published the ASAP technique as open-source code. For more information about tools, publications, and internships, please consult my CV.

When traveling, I enjoy hiking and marveling at all the beauty in nature, the night sky, the mountains… It was a trip to the Rocky Mountains which caused me to start this blog back in 2014.