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Resolved, to Live. (Thoughts on Rogue One)

Posted on:July 10, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Resolved, after seeing Rogue One, to live more intentionally. To devote more attention to the purpose of what I’m doing. To do more of the things I like.

Jyn and Cassian on the beach at Scarif -- Rogue One ending

Jyn and Cassian on the beach at Scarif — Rogue One ending

On my bike, riding home from the cinema, I enjoyed the fresh air and the snow and the moon shining through the clouds. I felt alive. I was moving, breathing, experiencing the beauty of the world around me. One with the force, if you will.

In that moment, I felt pity for the characters in Rogue One. People caught up in their wars, fighting for so many things that don’t matter. Children who find their family only to watch them die. Guardians of long-lost treasures searching for a glimmer of hope. In this war movie, peace is a short moment on the beach before an explosion rips you apart.

And I? I resolve to spend my time more purposefully. To be a peacemaker when I can. To take my guitar to the lakeside from time to time. To go running. To sing and pray more. To think about the usefulness of my research, and to work on it with all my heart. To love the people around me and show my love to them while they’re alive. And to love God with heart, soul, mind, strength.

There’s more to life than (star) wars… let’s live!

P.S.: the resolutions of Jonathan Edwards